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What our customers say about us

We frequently receive positive feedback from speaking events, webinars, consultancy and training that our staff deliver.

We’re delighted to share recent examples with you below associated with each of the Consultants involved.

What our Customers say

A selection of the most recent things that customers have fed back to us about events they’ve attended and services we’ve provided.

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Customer Feedback about our Consultants

John Dillon

The attendees very much valued the training & some of them are hard customers to please! February 2020

John was very engaging, even after hearing his presentation 4 times in a week, I still found it interesting and amusing as did the others who joined us on the roadshow. August 2019

People liked that it was interactive… also the funny stories and videos really helped get people engaged and made them think about the impact they have and how they can influence the culture by improving their own behaviour. August 2019

Quentin Emery

“ Quentin is a star performer. His engaging and interactive approach generates interest and facilitates understanding, He clearly has a vast knowledge of human behaviours and uses real life examples to help with solutions development”. Paul Fakley, Development Director British Safety Council, January 2020.

Quentin Emery played a key role in delivering the training for our behavioural safety programme. His  enthusiasm and subject expertise were very well received by our supervisors and managers.” Pete Perry, Chief Operating Officer, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

I found it very informative without being too formal, for me there was ample opportunity to ask questions, get involved in some  great discussions and challenge. A nice blend of expertise and humour delivered in an anecdotal style. I’m  always very impressed by experts who are able to present their subject in such an accessible way. EBNE Group, May 2019

I attended the Southeastern leadership day last week and thought that your session was very engaging.  Thank you from running a great session – I’ve had some really great feedback on it. December 2018

Matthew Strong

We were very pleased with the quality of the data supplied in your report to the site as well as your professionalism during the assessment. Todd Barlow HSES Manager Syngenta, St. Gabriel Louisiana, September 2019

I am confident that the “train-the-internal-consultant” program that we have designed and delivered with the expertise of RyderMarsh OCAID, will deliver on our expectations.  

Always good to see someone who knows their subject inside and out. Matthew delivered with a great presentation sweeping us all along with his enthusiasm and good humour.  Matthew’s quick fire style ensured it was delivered with aplomb. May 2018

I found the presentation both enjoyable and very useful, Mathew’s enthusiasm for the subject was very apparent, I particularly found the audience participation entertaining! It certainly gave me food for thought. Jan 2018

“When I told people I was going on a safety training course they all groaned and thought it would be boring, but it was actually brilliant”. 


Kevin Hard

Excellent content and engaging afternoon courtesy of Kevin Hard and Quentin Emery. Enjoyable and thought provoking with some key takeaways, thank you both. Greg Millward, Networks manager IOSH

Kevin Hard – Super good yesterday. Was worth every second! Emmanuel Akinfenwa, Safety Risk specialist, Great Northern.

Really enjoyed this presentation – lots of good points that need thinking about to put in to practice. November 2019

Inspirational thank you. November 2019

Paul Bizzell

“This was a really good presentation and I would like to share it with operational and senior managers”

“Very good speaker who carefully explained each element and tried to put it into context, would certainly listen to him again, very informative”

“I enjoyed the topic very much and provided food for thought in my own organisation.”

“The content was very good and this is where business should be aiming to improve on”

“The approach to cultural change that was taken in this particular webinar has been of great value”

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