Effective Safety Conversations Training

Our Effective Safety Conversations Training is founded on the fact that safety excellence requires more than just robust systems and procedures. It needs an ongoing every day commitment to constructive communication which focuses on behaviours.

Additionally, a safety conversation allows staff in organisations to speak freely about safety in order to minimise unsafe behaviours and reinforce safe behaviours. Moreover, safety conversations can embed the everyday behaviours ranging across everything from security, safety, environment, health to quality and productivity.

About our Effective Safety Conversations Training

The features of the service include providing delegates with a practical skillset to be able conduct effective safety conversations in the workplace. Moreover, the workshop will enable an organisation to promote a positive safety culture with an empowered, and confident workforce.

Benefits of attending

As this masterclass is consultant-led, not trainer-led, it will be an immensely powerful experiential learning platform.

This is an interactive workshop where delegates are encouraged to fully participate though group exercises, individual assessments and challenging discussions.

All delegates will receive a comprehensive aide-memoir to help them reflect on their learning.


  • Fewer barriers around safety conversations through knowledge of how to facilitate them leading to more frequent safety conversations
  • More opportunities to demonstrate good leadership leading to better engagement
  • More information relating to perceived risks in the workplace


  • Increased desirable safety behaviours
  • More safety concerns addressed leading to less psychosocial and physical risk
  • Senior management will increasingly show exemplary behaviour and lead by example according to the organisation’s values, literally ‘walking the talk’


  • Reduced physical risk
  • Reduced psychosocial risk
  • Greater engagement
  • Increased wellbeing
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