Wellbeing and Engagement Strategy Support

Wellbeing and engagement are often thought about as separate concepts and usually only after trailing indicators (such as stress, absentee rates and poor morale) suggest failures in the processes that should be in place to ensure employee wellbeing and engagement. Our support services provide expert assistance to organisations in developing or reviewing a comprehensive wellbeing & engagement strategy.

What can we do for you

Wellbeing means feeling good and functioning well. This should apply equally to both people and organisations. A well-designed wellbeing & engagement strategy should, therefore, cover both. 

Our consultancy service is designed to support leaders in addressing wellbeing not only at the individual level, but also as a strategic business development opportunity. We will consider wellbeing from several angles, some of which may be new to you, with a view to helping and enabling you to design an integrated wellbeing & engagement strategy which benefits both individual employees and your organisation too.

Your acknowledged subject matter expert will help you to identify and understand the fundamental concepts that need to be addressed in any modern, forward looking wellbeing & engagement strategy and you will be given the rare opportunity to explore your needs with a leading industry expert. As part of our service the latest statistics and leading-edge theories will initially be summarised, and the evidence-based drivers of wellbeing and engagement will be discussed. The key elements that are required for a comprehensive wellbeing & engagement strategy will be explored and a structured integrated approach to Creating Wellbeing™ will be developed specifically for your organisation.

We have two Support options

Trusted Adviser Strategic Support Service

This service gives you 12 months access to our expert’s wealth of experience and includes:

  • An initial ½ day kick off meeting with the team to understand the current status of your strategy and initiatives/ programmes that are already in place.
  • Attending four, one-day, quarterly meetings per annum to provide strategic support and advice, including guidance regarding HSE policy and regulatory requirements and the latest thinking in terms of research and innovation.
  • Two hours support per month via e-mail or phone to include the above, plus client insights and independent advice from shared experiences with our other clients on the performance of organisations providing services such as EAP’s, in addition to independent analysis of the suitability of relevant wellbeing services, tools, software etc.
Ad-hoc Support

For organisations with some degree of in-house expertise an ad-hoc approach to the support we can offer may be appropriate. In this case the delivery approach would be for OWL to respond to call-off on an as required basis. This would be as a day or half-day block depending on need at the time, either on-site or desk based.

By using our services you will have a better understanding of

  • How wellbeing, engagement, leadership and business performance are interlinked
  • The crucial roles of leadership & engagement in Creating Wellbeing
  • Why and how developing an effective wellbeing culture leads to improved business performance
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