Safety Champion Training

This safety champion training course (also known as frontline safety improvement team training) is usually undertaken as part of a wider cultural improvement strategy and works best when it follows on from other training, such as Safety Leadership training or employee awareness training to identify voluntary delegates.

These delegates are trained to form a team who will learn how to make the safe way easier, more convenient and comfortable than the unsafe way, thus encouraging wanted behaviours. 

About our Safety Champion Training

We design and deliver this course to meet the needs of your organisation. This course is designed for volunteer employees who want to take on some ownership of safety and to have an input into its improvement. This will be achieved through teaching them about the improvement cycle and how to implement it in their workplace.

The course is run in a practical format, using a discovered learning style. In turn, each step is described in theory first before undertaking a practice implementation. In this way, the emphasis is on providing delegates with a grounded understanding of the CIC and a practical awareness of the style in which it should be applied. It is a template CIC which the trained delegates can tweak to fit their own organisation as they think best.

Benefits of attending

The following benefits will be achieved with the appropriate application of the newly trained team being adequately supported by the leadership team. Specifically, this looks like the improvement team being given adequate time to meet, measure, analyse, design and for their work to be listened to and acted upon without quashing their ownership. 

  • Improved ownership of safety by employees who have not previously had that opportunity.
  • Better communication between teams (where members of the improvement team come from different departments and levels in the organisation).
  • Better usability of the workplace, making the safe way quicker and easier to encourage safe behaviours and discouraging unsafe behaviours.

All delegates will receive

  • Work book with copy of the course slides and plain notes pages for delegates to personalise and make notes
  • Course Attendance Certificate – Course approved by IIRSM
  • One complete example from the organisation will be completed with tutor guidance during the course and recorded in a template proforma
  • The complete example and a proposed solution will be agreed between the delegates, the tutor and a suitable representative from the leadership team to cement the confidence and intent of the team.
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