PAS 3002 Training Course

Wellbeing and engagement are powerful business improvement tools. Our PAS 3002 training course is the starting point for understanding & implementing PAS 3002.

Wellbeing is a widely used term which can mean all things to all people. It tends to be ill-defined and misunderstood. It’s often the ‘soft and fluffy’ side of wellbeing which is the focus of interventions and whilst such interventions can be beneficial to individuals, they’re unlikely to result in long-term sustainable organisational effects.

For maximum benefit organisations need to address wellbeing in the same way as they address safety, by identifying and eliminating the primary risks to wellbeing.

PAS 3002 is published by the BSI as a framework for a strategic approach to deploying a Wellbeing system in any organisation.

Our training course will get you thinking about wellbeing in a different way and to recognise the crucial role wellbeing has as a business improvement tool.

About our PAS 3002 Training Course

Our PAS 3002 training course is led by an industry expert and has input from other OCAID though leaders. As wellbeing and engagement are powerful business improvement tools, the aim of this masterclass is to introduce participants to the a methodology for setting up a wellbeing process in their organisation in line with recommendations of PAS 3002 published by the BSI.

This masterclass will explain the various parts of PAS 3002 and give insight how this can map onto and enhance existing business processes, improve wellbeing and lead to enhanced engagement and productivity.

Key Topics

  • Identify hotspots in organisations with a propensity for excess pressure
  • Assess psychosocial risk in an organisation
  • Address legal requirements for undertaking stress risk assessments
  • Provide employees with an individual personality profile (based on DISC)
  • Protect and/or enhance productivity
  • Engender employee engagement
  • Provide key data to inform strategic planning and continual improvement

By attending the masterclass you will be able to:

  • Understand what PAS 3002 requires you to do
  • See the links to existing business processes
  • Start to plan your implementation
  • Explain the business benefits of a well structured wellbeing programme

What our training covers

Module 1 – Purpose of PAS 3002
  • Purpose of PAS 3002
  • Scope of PAS 3002
Module 2 – Terminology
  • Definitions
Module 3 – Management Systems in General
  • PDCA
  • Project & Process
  • Levels & Maturity Models
  • Enhancing your Wellbeing culture
Module 4 – Plan
  • Section 3: H&W Principals
  • Section 4: H&W Context, Strategy & Policy
  • Section 6.1: Determine H&W Objectives & Action Plan
Module 5 – Do
  • Section 5: Leadership
  • Section 6.2: Operational Implementation
Module 6 – Check / Performance Evaluation
  • Section 7: Monitor H&W
  • Section 8: Analyse H&W Info
  • Section 9: Report on H&W
Module 7 – Act
  • Section 10: Review H&W Performance
Module 8 – Further Culture Development
  • The Yeoman-Bizzell Model

Benefits of attending our PAS 3002 training course

As this masterclass is consultant-led, not trainer-led, it will be an immensely powerful experiential learning platform.

This is an interactive workshop where delegates are encouraged to fully participate though group exercises, individual assessments and challenging discussions.

The facilitator will encourage use of examples of how it can apply to your organisation so you leave with a clear view of how PAS 3002 can be applied.

All delegates will receive a comprehensive aide-memoir to help them reflect on their learning.


  • Increased understanding of requirements for compliance
  • Knowledge of how to begin planning for deployment


  • Reduced organisational risk
    • Reduced absence
    • Reduced presenteeism
    • Improved employee engagement
  • Enhanced wellbeing culture
  • Strong employer brand


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved bottom line
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