Safety Leadership Training

Our safety leadership training will equip your organisation’s leaders with the knowledge & tools they need to build a strong safety culture.

This modular course takes a multi-disciplinary approach to provide delegates with all the knowledge and skills to lead a proactive safety culture development programme that will result in sustainable gains in organisational culture and safety performance.

What our Safety Leadership Training achieves

Delegates undertaking this training will learn key leadership skills and techniques so they can effectively lead the implementation of a Cultural Based Safety process in a way that fits with, improves and optimises an organisation’s culture.

As with all safety related activity, the overall goal of the course is to achieve a reduction in workplace incident rates, the key trailing indicator.  This course does that through providing an in depth understanding in what drives human behaviour and performance and how you can pick up on key leading indicators before serious incidents occur.

What our training covers

Training Course Design

The course will be designed based on customer needs and requirements. The process from the beginning will include:

  • Meeting with the perspective client and conducting a performance consulting session to identify needs and requirements.
  • The design phase of the solution will include providing the client with a list of topics which can be covered on the course. Typical topics are listed in the modules below, others are available.
  • The solution be created based on the responses from the client over additional meetings, calls and emails. The final course material is presented to the client before finalising the final proposal.
MODULE 0 – Welcome, Housekeeping & Intros

All the usual scene setting, to set up the style of the course and cover vital details.

  • Introduction to Trainer and Participants
  • Course Objectives
  • Timetable
  • Participant Expectations
MODULE 1 – Introduction to Cultural Safety

If we’re going to try to change culture best to know what makes up a culture and how the current state became established. This explains the crucial models and elements of culture and leadership.

  • History
  • Elements
  • Models of Culture
  • The Integrated Cultural Safety® Model
    • Culture
    • Leadership
    • Process
MODULE 2 – Leadership: Setting and Creating Context

This module focuses in on the available levers for effecting sustainable change. Individual behaviours in the moment are a function of the environment (Systems, people, culture). Management is about using real-time controls, leadership is about setting up the environment to optimise desired behaviours and minimise the need for real-time controls.

  • Human Factors
    • Designing to limitations & complexity
  • Behavioural Psychology
    • Why do people do what they do?
  • Just Culture
    • Errors, Violations & remedies
MODULE 3 – Practical Safety Leadership

Now we know what can be changed this module gives specific tools and techniques to apply to those areas. It starts with the 9 key areas of leadership and then explores them all in detail.

  • The Triple Triptych of Leadership
    • Self
    • Others
    • Organisation
  • Techniques for Self
    • Assertion
    • Modelling
    • Nudge Theory
  • Techniques for Organisation
    • Challenging Unsafe Behaviour
    • Meaningful Analysis
    • Encouraging Ownership
  • Techniques for Others
    • Advanced Communication Skills
    • Motivation of others
      • Enhancing safe behaviours
      • Maslow & Leadership
    • Coaching for performance
MODULE 4 – Embedding

Each person participating in the course will have their own strengths and short suits, this section will highlight those and feed into a personal improvement plan that leverages the strengths and improves the least developed.

  • Planning to put theory into practice
    • Personal Plan
  • Potential/Actual Barriers Discussion

Benefits of our training

By taking this course and applying the knowledge gained you will be able to

  • Identify the strengths and opportunities in your organisational culture
  • Carry out a leadership skills development plan tailored to you
  • Lead your organisation to the next level of excellence.

and expect the following benefits:


  • Reduced injuries
  • Increased safe working behaviours
  • Increased awareness of safety, leadership and communication
  • Additional understanding advanced influencing and coaching skills


  • Increase of leadership skills and behaviours at all staffing levels from grass roots to the top
  • Reduced organisational risk
    • Reduced absence
    • Improved employee engagement
  • Strong employer brand


  • Empowered and competent staff
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved bottom line
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