Wellbeing Training for Managers & Leaders

Many wellbeing programmes only consist of initiatives which address one or more particular health issues that have been identified as an issue or are perceived to be a threat to the general population.  Whilst these can and even should be a part of a larger strategy, so called tertiary or restorative interventions (“Yoghurt and Yoga”) are by nature reactive.  It can be a struggle to keep these initiatives fresh as they are often of limited appeal and also difficult to cost justify in the long run. Our wellbeing training for managers and leaders is part of a holistic approach to organisational wellbeing.

Our training looks much deeper into current best practice and beyond. That approach will give the participants an overview of how to design and implement a strategy that will be proactive and deliver a range of business benefits that will have a net positive impact on the bottom line by reducing risk of litigation and enhancing productivity.  

About our Wellbeing Training for Managers & Leaders

This highly interactive training course is led by an industry expert and has input from other OCAID thought leaders. As wellbeing and engagement are powerful business improvement tools, the aim of this masterclass is to explore why it is essential for all businesses to address wellbeing and engagement at the strategic level. It is designed to help you to understand the importance of implementing wellbeing and engagement interventions that have a demonstrable return on investment and to explore what these interventions might look like.

Our wellbeing training for managers & leaders will explore how to assess wellbeing and engagement and give insight into appropriate interventions to enhance wellbeing culture. Utilising the latest OCAID research and models the masterclass will introduce you to the latest innovative thinking in this field.

As leadership is key, the masterclass will explore leadership behaviours, utilising some challenging self assessment toolkits to equip you with the knowledge and understanding of what makes an inspirational engaging leader.

Key Topics

  • What Wellbeing is and it’s relationship to Engagement, Leadership and Safety
  • Why organisations should focus on CREATING WELLBEING™ rather than managing stress and psychosocial risk!
  • The HSE’s Management Standards Approach for managing work-related stress
  • The Yeoman-Bizzell Wellbeing Culture Development Model
  • How to develop wellbeing cultures
  • The Hard-Girling Integrated Improvement Model
  • The impact of leadership behaviours on engagement and wellbeing
  • Assessing wellbeing and engagement
  • Wellbeing Interventions
  • Latest research on the impact of leadership and wellbeing on business performance
  • Summary of 2018 OCAID/Government research into the impact of engagement on Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability

By attending the Masterclass you will be able to:

  • Develop an effective wellbeing strategy
  • Ensure compliance with HSE requirements for managing stress
  • Eliminate risk to productivity
  • Reduce staff turnover and associated costs

What our wellbeing leadership training covers

Module 1 – Should we really be managing stress?
  • The relationship between pressure and stress
  • Managing stress and psychosocial risk
  • HSE Managements Standards Approach to work- related stress
  • Stress is a lagging indicator
Module 2 – Goodbye Stress – Hello Resilience, Welcome Wellbeing
  • What do we mean by Resilience and Wellbeing?
  • You already have a Wellbeing culture
  • Universal culture model
  • Yeoman Bizzell Wellbeing Culture Development map
  • Enhancing your Wellbeing culture
Module 3 – How to assess Organisational Wellbeing
  • Organisational assessment tools
  • Gap Analysis
  • Survey
  • Questionnaire
Module 4 – Types of Intervention
  • Intervention levels
  • Wellbeing days
  • Wellbeing awareness training for line managers
  • Individual wellbeing/resilience training
Module 5 – Benefits of having a Wellbeing strategy
  • The Hard-Girling Integrated Improvement Model
  • The relationship between wellbeing, leadership and engagement
  • Wellbeing as a business improvement tool
Module 6 – Evidence-based drivers of wellbeing and engagement
  • Four pillars of Engagement
    • leadership & strategic narrative
    • engaging managers
    • organisational & individual integrity
    • employee voice
  • Four pillars of Wellbeing
    • meaning & purpose
    • well-designed job and environment
    • control & autonomy
    • support & relationships
Module 7 – Leadership behaviours to enhance wellbeing
  • Engaging leadership – emotional intelligence is the key
  • Consistent and authentic leadership builds trust
  • Leadership behaviours – which boat would you be on?
  • Eight engaging leadership traits
Module 8 – Developing an Integrated Wellbeing and Engagement Strategy
  • Summary of day 2 to consolidate learning
  • Develop your organisational roadmap
  • Personal action planning
  • Closing remarks and end of masterclass

Benefits of attending

As this training is consultant-led, not trainer-led, it will be an immensely powerful experiential learning platform.

This is a highly interactive workshop where delegates are encouraged to fully participate through group exercises, individual assessments and challenging discussions.

The facilitator will utilise several client case-studies to demonstrate their successful approach to leadership, wellbeing and engagement.

All delegates will receive a comprehensive aide memoire to help them reflect on and embed their learning.


  • Reduced risk of non-compliance and prosecution
  • Knowledge of what a Coherent wellbeing strategy is


  • Reduced organisational risk
    • Reduced absence
    • Reduced presenteeism
    • Improved employee engagement
  • Enhanced wellbeing culture
  • Strong employer brand


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved bottom line
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