Psychosocial Risk Assessment: StressFactor™

Our StressFactor™ psychosocial risk assessment service uses a key leading diagnostic survey tool to identify where your wellbeing processes might be failing and to identify any hidden risks, in support of any organisational development strategy.

A  powerful psychometric tool that:

  • Finds the stressors in you organisation
  • Predicts potential loss of productivity
  • Pinpoints any hotspots of depression or anxiety
  • Shows stress intensity by organisational profile

What StressFactor™ can do for you

Latest figures (2016) indicate that the absenteeism related to stress equates on average to 23.6 days per year per employee, or 10.6%. Given that the UK is already well down the list of nations for employee output this potentially avoidable loss has significant impact on employees, organisations and national wellbeing.

A further finding is that presenteeism – that is, attendance at work by less than fully fit employees – is 1.5 times absenteeism.  Taken together this represents over a quarter of the production capacity. That capacity is either lost altogether or partly mitigated by the additional efforts of and pressure on other employees which may well then contribute further to future losses.

  • Identify Hotspots in organisation with propensity for excess pressure
  • Assess Psychosocial Risk in Organisation
  • Address Legal requirements for undertaking Stress Risk Assessment
  • Provide employees with an individual personality profile (based on DiSC)
  • Protect and/or enhance Productivity
  • Generate Employee Engagement
  • Provide key data to inform strategic planning and continual improvement

Our psychosocial risk assessment service consists of the following elements:

Senior Management Discovery Workshop

Prior to the actual deployment of the survey OCAID will engage at director level and ensure that there is a clear understanding of the organisational aims, any existing business strategies and existing data in respect of staff absence, turnover, engagement etc. The workshop will introduce or reinforce the issues that StressFactor™ can be expected to address.

Cloud-Based Software Service Platform

Provision of a secure and tested cloud-based software service platform for users to assess their environment. Users are set up with their log-in and credentials and once an agreed threshold for user registrations has been reached the users are invited to start the survey, which consists of two parts, a psychometric element based on DISC and a stressors element based on a set of questions related to potential stressors in the form of a Likert scale. From this the data is analysed to provide two reports.

Heat Map

Reporting on aggregate data, including a ‘Heat Map’ of the organisational and related stressors. The first report is an individual psychometric profile and associated report per user. Each report is confidential to the user. The second report combines the data at an organisational level to provide an overall organisational heat map showing potential areas where an appropriate intervention or control measure may be considered to reduce risk.

Benefits of a StressFactor™ Psychosocial Risk Assessment


  • Reduced risk of non-compliance and prosecution
  • Coherent wellbeing strategy


  • Reduced organisational risk
    • Reduced absence
    • Reduced presenteeism
    • Improved employee engagement
  • Enhanced wellbeing culture
  • Strong employer brand


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved bottom line
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