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If optimising your organisation’s safety performance was easy, you’d have it sorted by now. In any operational context, one incident is an incident too many – yet many of the best organisations still struggle to avoid accidents altogether.

As experienced Safety Culture Change Consultants, it’s our role to work alongside you to develop and maintain an effective safety culture and move from avoiding accidents to creating safety. We do this through our proven three-step Cultural Safety® programme.

Sustained Safety Improvement Is Tough

Many of the national and multi-national businesses we’ve worked with had achieved broad compliance, yet were still struggling to become a truly thriving organisation with a proactive, human-focussed safety culture.

You may have already launched various health & safety initiatives over time, with varying degrees of success and longevity. A behavioural safety programme may have brought significant wins in the short term, but maintaining the continuous, sustained safety improvement required by ISO45000 has proven more tricky.

Enter the Cultural Safety® Journey – a proven three-step culture change programme, designed & optimised by our experienced Safety Culture Change Consultants, to bring noticeable, assessable and sustainable change.

The Cultural Safety® Journey

Our proven three-step culture change programme, designed & optimised to bring noticeable, assessable and sustainable change:


Understanding the starting point is the crucial first step of the journey. We work alongside you to perform an in-depth analysis and benchmarking of your current safety culture. With your help, we get senior leadership buy in through the use of insight and engagement sessions. All this feeds into the design of a bespoke implementation plan for your organisation.


In twenty years, we have never delivered the same Cultural Safety® programme twice. The Engagement step comprises a chosen mix of leadership training, staff training, improvement teams, workshops and coaching. This is always designed collaboratively with you, to ensure we leverage any previous investments and address the most significant gaps identified in the Explore step.


The longevity of a Cultural Safety Programme depends very much on the extent to which it is embedded within the fabric of your organisation. In our third step, we focus on integrating with existing processes, maintaining safety conversations, sustaining improvement teams, and providing regular re-assessment and coaching/monitoring as necessary. Embedding is achieved when doing things more effectively than before feels both easy and natural.


78% reduction in Lost Time Incidents

Terex Corporation is a large multinational organization manufacturing heavy plant equipment for a wide range of industries.

Terex Corporation started their journey due to a number of serious injuries on their sites. Their challenge was a global reduction in Lost Time Incidents (LTI’s).

A RyderMarsh OCAID consultant first worked on the Motherwell site in Scotland which at the time
was their worst performing site in terms of LTI’s. The site turned around to become one of their best
performers – from averaging 2-3 LTI’s a month to well beyond their first year LTI free. A RyderMarsh OCAID consultant subsequently worked with Terex Corporation on sites in Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, China and all across the USA.

Sites within Terex Corporation that have applied RyderMarsh OCAID Cultural Safety models saw on average a 78% reduction in LTI’s.

Jennifer Swaim, Senior VP HSE, TEREX

Safety Culture Change Consultants:
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We believe that cultural safety is best undertaken as a complete programme. But we’re pragmatic folk and understand that sometimes the reality on the ground means that for now, you require just one part of the jigsaw. We’re happy to offer the following parts of our Cultural Safety Programme as stand-alone services:

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