Strategic Planning & Diagnostics

It’s an age old truism that failing to plan is planning to fail. Good planning and good science both require good data and a vision. We can support you in the development of your vision and provide you with the tools and skills to collect and analyse meaningful data.

To take people with you on a journey it’s important that the vision is clearly stated and communicated. A strategy or journey plan is a useful tool for starting the dialogue and getting buy-in from stakeholders.

The Cultural Safety® Journey

To properly plan the journey it’s important to benchmark the starting point and hence set milestones that are realistic and believed achievable.

Wherever you are starting your organisation-wide Cultural Safety® journey from we can provide a range of services. This can be collecting data, analysing it (or existing data) and then helping you review or plan a comprehensive strategy.

Helping you achieve and maintain resilient people in a resilient organisation.

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