Wellbeing at Work ‘Lunch and Learn’ Webinar from IQ Academy


The importance of wellbeing at work and its relationship to safety, leadership and engagement will be the focus of this month’s ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinar from the UK’s IQ Academy. Dr Carolyn Yeoman, operations director of OCAID Wellbeing, will present the 30-minute ‘Creating Wellbeing’ webinar from 12.30-13.00 on Thursday 27 September 2018. Yeoman has significant experience in the health, safety and wellbeing field and has successfully ran her own business…

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Does your Job Title match your job?


On the face of it, this might sound like a no-brainer with an obvious answer: “Yes, of course”. So, a second question — should it? Or rather: Should the job be thought of differently and hence the title need to be adjusted? Here’s why — Language is a key part of culture so how an organisation chooses to label particular functions can give us a significant clue to the culture of…

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