“This common interest group is powerful”*

Welcome to the EBNE** Group, OCAID’s inspiring professional interest group for operational leaders who want to enable the continuous development of their organisational culture.

In essence, it’s an informal pro-bono meeting of a group of like minded people to chew the fat over emerging issues. We meet roughly twice a year to share ideas, discuss experiences and listen to thought leaders speak about a chosen topic of interest.

* feedback from a previous EBNE Group day. More feedback

The EBNE Group

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The EBNE Group: At a Glance

  • Provides space away from the coalface to share knowledge, information and best practices with like minded people
  • Aims to meet at least twice a year in the UK (usually once in the area north of London, once somewhere in the proximity of Manchester).
  • Each session generally features a client presentation in order to share best practice amongst each other and to promote discussion in the group.
  • Free to charge to EBNE Group participants (only your accommodation and travel will be down to you).

Forthcoming Meetings

Our next proposed meeting will be during November in the Liverpool area – precise date and location to be confirmed. Please let us know if you would like to join one of our groups.

We look forward to welcoming you to an EBNE group in the near future!

More Feedback

“More relevant information than any conference”
Great to hear and share information on topics which reinforces our own thoughts
“Hugely productive – a ‘culture of care’ strategy is an important message”
“This could support our strategy going forward”
“Real abstract strategic thinking for us”
“Learned some great new ideas”
“Motivational as we are all in the same boat”
“This common interest group is powerful

Previous Topics

Speakers/talks in the past have included:

  • Nigel Girling on engagement and the future for organisations
  • Thorsten Geier (one of the group members from Covestro in Germany) on Contractor Engagement – how they used innovative engagement strategies to turn the worst performing part of the organisation (in terms of LTIs) into a high performing part of the business.
  • Dr Carolyn Yeoman on Creating Wellbeing™ including the launch of StressFactor™  a new and innovative stress risk assessment tool
  • Paul Bizzell on innovations in culture development
  • Dr Joyce Elisha on a new way to look at Human Factors
  • Dr Paul Prichard on setting new standards for sustainable investment

** EBNE: Excellent But Never Enough

Our name is based around the need for continuous improvement and the idea that so often today’s added value is tomorrow’s standard practice. The aim of the EBNE Group is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and real-world experiences between members, provoking discussion and thought leadership, encouraging continuous improvement.

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