High Impact Wellbeing Days

Wellbeing means feeling good and functioning well.

This should apply equally to both people and organisations. Our high impact wellbeing days are designed to support organisations in addressing wellbeing at both the individual and organisational levels. Wellbeing will be considered from both a work and whole-life perspective, with a view to helping and enabling individuals to improve their total wellbeing.

What we can do for you

As part of our portfolio of consultancy services designed to guide our customers on their journey to achieving Resilient People in Resilient Organisations OCAID Wellbeing Limited (OWL) can design, organise and facilitate High Impact Wellbeing Days.

Our leading industry expert will help you to identify and clarify what the key wellbeing messages should be for your organisation and its employees and design a bespoke high impact wellbeing day, designed to enhance employee engagement, improve employee wellbeing and benefit the organisation.

Delivery Options

Consultancy and Organisational Suport

We recognise that the level of in-house experience and available capacity of every organisation may vary from customer to customer, therefore, to ensure that we provide the best possible support in the most appropriate way we offer varying levels of consultancy and organisational support.

Passionate and Expert Professionals

All elements of this service are provided by passionate and expert professionals with extensive practical experience of wellbeing & engagement programmes. We can provide the majority of the sessions above using our own staff but for some we rely on third parties who we work closely with. These third parties are all qualified practitioners who we engage with on your behalf as prime contractor or refer them to you for direct engagement. For some of the above specialist topics there are legal and/or professional requirements to meet. 

In-house Expertise with Small and Large International Events

In terms of administration of the event we have in-house expertise of organising both small and large international events in the health, safety and wellbeing areas. This expertise means that we can organise the event for you or we can work with your own staff, thereby ensuring the smooth running of the event.

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