Human Factors Assessment

Human Factors within organisations are often only considered after something unwanted has occurred, such as an incident or injury.  While it is often necessary to address the Human Factors after the fact, it is far better to understand how they affect wellbeing and performance before something unwanted has occurred.

As part of our portfolio of consultancy services, our Human Factors Assessment can give customers an overview of how well the Human Factors support employees to undertake their tasks safely and without jeopardising their wellbeing. 

Our subject matter expert will help you to identify and understand which Human Factors are supportive and which could be improved.

What we can do for you

When supported by optimal Human Factors in organisational, workplace and task design, human beings can achieve their best work safely.  When our Human Factors are suboptimal we become more vulnerable to error and ill health.  This service is designed to support your organisation by shining a light on those Human Factors that optimise employee wellbeing and performance and those Human Factors with opportunity for improvement.  We will provide a structured assessment of relevant Human factors to help organisations focus their efforts to support staff and enhance safety and wellbeing.

Benefits of Human Factors Assessment


  • Better performance (quality and safety)
  • Engagement and discretionary effort
  • Enhanced employee wellbeing


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved bottom line
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