Strategic Narrative Consulting & Development

Our strategic narrative consulting will support & enable organisational development by uniting people around a common purpose & direction.

A Strategic Narrative is one of the four pillars of engagement that Engage for Success, the UK government supported think tank, has identified as essential for staff engagement. In turn we know that the level of engagement in and ownership of Safety and Wellbeing is a key predictor of both low incident rates and high productivity.

Strategic Narrative Consulting: What can we do for you?

To support and enable organisational development and high performance it is essential to unite people around a common purpose and direction. The function of the narrative is to create a context for change linking together and making sense of multiple initiatives.  In the development and the delivery there is strength in people seeing leadership unity.  Once developed and communicated the narrative will both bring people together in common cause whilst also giving people their own personal connection. 

We will facilitate a workshop in which participants will explore views on current and future states. We then provide some background theory on narrative & safety culture development so the storyboarding of a phased journey can be developed in real time. Once developed we support the participants in their own personal delivery of the narrative and identify opportunities to reference it in their day-to-day interactions with staff, customers and suppliers. This means the narrative is given every opportunity to be ‘lived’ through words and deeds.

This may be supplemented by the creation of a full communications plan, either as a part of the workshop or a separate event.

The narrative should stimulate people to examine and consider the alignment of what they say & do on a daily basis, and even their beliefs, whilst permitting plans to evolve within a consistent long-term story.

To do that a good strategic narrative will contain six critical elements, which you will learn about in the theory section and subsequently weave into the coherent journey plan resulting from the workshop.

The objective of the service is the agreement of a coherent organisational safety narrative that has been developed collectively by the Senior Leadership Team and other levels as appropriate.

Note: As part of the Strategic Planning & Diagnostic group of services, this service is designed to be offered alongside a Safety Culture Survey although it may also be offered stand-alone.

Benefits of a Strategic Narrative


  • Enhanced understanding of company values and vision in respect of Safety and Wellbeing.
  • Clarity of intent regarding company safety culture development


  • Reduced injury rates
  • Additional safe working behaviours
  • Enhanced leadership at all staff levels
  • Empowered and engaged workforce


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved bottom line
  • Induced high performing and human focused safety culture
  • Overall higher quality business improvement
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